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Differences between german and american schools

von Caroline Mangan, 5a

I am writing this article about the difference between American schools and German schools. So lets go through the day. I am not taking sides or insulting my country or my host country by the way.

In Germany you don't have lockers unless you rent them and if you do, they are tiny little boxes. Personally I think it builds strength to carry your heavy backpack all day. In America its much easier on the back if you know what I mean. Speaking of backpacks, in America you have the same schedule everyday whereas in Germany the schedule changes depending on the day of the week. That means we have to pack our backpacks new everyday.

Where you go after Grundschule (Elementary school 1-4 grade ) depends on how smart you are. The highest level is Gymnasium the middle level is Realschule and the last level is Hauptschule. In Rheinland-Pfalz Hauptschule doesn't exist anymore. Anyway my point was the days are shorter and the work is harder so that you have time to go home and study. In America the days are long but the stuff they teach is easier. I bet you are all wondering about the homework. In Germany it isn't a lot but it is really hard. In America its the opposite, there is a lot of it but its really easy.

Now what we all love. RECESS!! In America its shorter and less often but there is tons to do whereas in Germany its more often and longer but there isn't a whole lot to do. 

Well thats the end.